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WATCH SDCC: Inside the DC Comics Experience

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Jul 19, 2018, 9:00 PM EDT

Comic conventions used to be a place where fans could go to meet their favorite writers, artists, and creators from their favorite comic books. However, San Diego Comic-Con is a little bit more demanding than the average con. To stand out at this show, companies need to bring something special, and this year DC brought us an entire universe.

Join SYFY WIRE's Katie Wilson as she takes us through a guided tour of the DC Comics Experience at SDCC 2018. This activation was created to promote DC Universe, the upcoming streaming service that will give fans access to original series as well as classic content inspired by DC Comics. Therefore, it's fitting that the first part of the attraction was based upon the modern Batman classic, "The Court of Owls."

Next, Katie took a walk through an immersive recreation of Swamp Thing's home territory as a preview for the upcoming live-action show. And "the green" didn't need much to spook her! After that, Katie got in touch with her wild side by checking out the Harley Quinn room. That's where we all go a little mad sometimes!

Finally, Katie had a brief Young Justice: Outsiders experience before she dived into the Titans mystery room. Somewhere in that room, Dick Grayson has left a clue that will let fans escape and see a preview of the show. But you'll have to watch the video for more hints!