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WATCH SDCC: Jimmy Palmiotti on founding Marvel Knights and his upcoming adaptations

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Jul 24, 2018, 1:15 PM EDT

Twenty years ago, Marvel was far from the Hollywood blockbuster machine that it has become. In 1998, the comic publisher was in bankruptcy when it reached out to Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada to start the Marvel Knights imprint and give the company some indie flavor. Palmiotti and Quesada took the reigns of Daredevil, Black Panther, Inhumans, and The Punisher while helping to spark a turnaround. Quesada even went on to become Marvel's Editor-in-chief as Palmiotti remained independent and continued to work on his own comics as well as books for other publishers.

Marvel is marking the 20th anniversary of Marvel Knights this year, and SYFY WIRE spoke with Palmiotti at Comic-Con as he gave us a brief oral history of how the line came together and the most valuable lesson he learned from the experience.

"I learned a couple of things," said Palmiotti. "One, money is great. Two, next time I do it, I should own a percentage of something or at least be involved with. Anything I created, my name should be in it. I learned these little lessons. Life is a big learning curve until you fall off the cliff and die... But at the time, it was just fun, it was exciting, and... I actually got to brand myself."

Afterwards, Palmiotti gave us an update on the status of the Painkiller Jane and The Pro adaptations before revisiting some shared history with Syfy itself. For more intel, check out the full video below!