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WATCH SDCC: Joe Quesada on introducing Captain Marvel to the mainstream, the return of What If & new Marvel Knights

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Jul 20, 2018, 8:24 PM EDT (Updated)

He may be a Marvel guy to the bone, but Joe Quesada can admit that sometimes all that glorious comics history can be a problem.

Marvel's Chief Creative Officer said trying to streamline a character's history for new readers is a key reason the new book, The Life of Captain Marvel, exists. Carol Danvers is one of the great characters in the Marvel U, but her continuity is crammed with dated origins, questionable creative decisions and other factors that make it next to impossible for a rookie reader to step in and fully understand where she comes from (we won't even bring up Binary).

Quesada told SYFY WIRE during a talk in our Comic-Con Studio that with so many movies and TV shows based on Marvel characters out there, it's important that the publisher takes steps to find and welcome new fans, and this book is a big step in that direction, given the Captain Marvel film debuting in 2019. Joe Q also discussed the return of What If and why it's a great time to revive the alternate realities book.

Check out the video below.