Nat Geo's Mars' Jihae & Jeff Hephner On Season 2 & More About Relationships | SDCC 2018 | SYFY WIRE

WATCH SDCC: Mars' Jihae and Jeff Hephner talk Season 2 of National Geographic's red planet drama

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Aug 3, 2018, 1:00 PM EDT

National Geographic's Mars was, in its first season, an interesting experiment in merging science documentary and scripted drama. We learned what it would take to achieve planetfall on our nearest celestial neighbor, and then got to watch it play out, with all the thrills and chills that entails.

Now it's getting ready to come back, and things are a little different this time around. We're jumping 10 years into the future, with a colony established and humans actually occupying the Red Planet. Except... they're not alone. No, it's not aliens -- it's other humans, in this case a mining company set on exploiting the resources of mankind's new home.

It's a lot to soak in, so we sat down at San Diego Comic-Con with Season 1 veteran cast member Jihae and Season 2 newcomer Jeff Hephner to get the scoop on what's to come, what it's like simulating life on another world, and which of them would do the best as an interplanetary colonist. Check it out below!