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WATCH SDCC: Nathan Fillion and Allan Ungar share the origin of their Uncharted fan film

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Jul 20, 2018, 2:10 PM EDT (Updated)

Nathan Fillion is Nathan Drake. Doesn't it seem like such an easy casting decision? Fillion has been on the wishlist for many Uncharted fans, but it's hard to take on the leading role for the upcoming Uncharted movie when our current big-screen Spider-Man, Tom Holland, has already been cast as a much younger Nathan Drake.

That's why Filion and his collaborator, Allan Ungar, recently made their own Uncharted fan film. Their 15-minute short was released earlier this month, and it's already accumulated millions of views as well as praise from fans and critics alike.

On the first day of Comic-Con, SYFY WIRE caught up with Fillion and Ungar, as they told us how the film came together after an introduction from a mutual friend. It must have been a memorable meal, since they both instantly remembered what they had for dinner! But the main thing that drew them together was their shared love for Uncharted and a desire to play in that universe.

"Nathan had brought some of his pepper, which was very refreshing and nice," said Ungar. "Allan does all of the hard work," added Fillion. "Then [add] pepper, pepper, and let's do this!"

The duo also spoke about filming the short in Los Angeles and the hard work of the stunt team that pulled off the action sequences. Fillion shot most of his stunts as well, but he also told us about the one stunt that he didn't do and why.

For more Uncharted intel, you can watch the full video below!