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WATCH SDCC: Ryan Cady on Infinite Dark and Old Man Punisher

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Aug 8, 2018, 6:15 PM EDT

Image/Top Cow's resident wordsmith Ryan Cady is having a stellar creative season with his eerie sci-fi survival series Infinite Dark on the launchpad and fueled for an October release.

This captivating new title, adorned with breathtaking art by Andrea Mutti, joins the brave passengers and crew of the survival vessel Orpheus drifting in a peaceful existence inside the calming void between realities. When a bloodied body is found encircled by arcane runes, Security Director Deva Karrell must investigate the Orpheus' first murder and discovers a horror from beyond the known boundaries of time.

infinite dark

The writer of Magdalena and Warframe also has Old Man Punisher with artist Hayden Sherman on the horizon, expanding his work into the House of Ideas with the aged assassin prowling the pages of September's Old Man Logan Annual #1.

SYFY WIRE caught up with Cady last month at SDCC to learn more about Infinite Dark and the classic sci-fi and horror films that inspired it, presenting the theme of survival as a virtue, using creativity as a catharsis, and his new project with Marvel, a grim-but-uplifting story in the Old Man Logan series centered around the brutal and nihilistic character of Frank Castle.

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