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Jul 24, 2018, 1:03 PM EDT (Updated)

"Forget the panels, forget interviews, forget famous people." SYFY WIRE's Dany Roth is on the hunt — Indiana Jones-style — for what truly matters at San Diego Comic-Con: Exclusives!

Map in hand, Dany navigated the convention center's Exhibit Hall, where he went digging for precious treasure in the form of those super limited edition toys that will become the pride and joy of their lucky new owners.

There, he first met up with Zach from Diamond Select, who introduced their line of exclusives. These include the Superman Vinimates 80th anniversary Legacy Box Set; the Grey Hulk PVC diorama; X-23 as Wolverine in an unmasked variant; their newest DC animated statue with real gems (this year's edition being Catwoman, who sports real diamonds on her collar… meow!); X-Men's White Phoenix; and, last but not least, a transparent Star Trek cloaked Romulan Bird of Prey.

Next up, Dany made his way to the Neca Toy booth where Randy introduced this year's hottest exclusive: their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles box set packaged VHS-style, which recreated the old 1990 movie packaging.

ThinkGeek's Bianca also had a bunch of cool exclusives for the 2018 edition of SDCC, including a Nightmare Before Christmas set complete with the cutest Jack Skellington ever, a Titan Predator figure, as well as a trio of Funko Pop! Conan O'Brien figures as he transitions into Super Conan.

Dany's fourth stop on the map was Entertainment Earth, where Brandon showed us three DC's Artist Alley variant Batman vinyl statues from Chris Uminga; Harry Potter's Mystery Flying Snitch, Tom Riddle's Diary and a Wingardium Leviosa kit; an Infinity Gauntlet Pin Mates collectible set of 16 figures; Marvel's mutants Pin Mates set and Guardians of the Galaxy's Nebula, which you could only get when you buy the other two sets.

Dig into our exclusive video to take a closer look at those SDCC exclusives and let us know which ones you managed to get your hands on.

Additional material by Nathalie Caron.

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