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WATCH SDCC: Stan Against Evil cast on singing and murder in Season 3

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Jul 22, 2018, 12:00 PM EDT

Stan Against Evil has a third season on the way, and it sounds like IFC's horror comedy will be even wilder than ever. Executive producer and series creator Dana Gould brought cast members John McGinley, Janet Varney, Deborah Baker Jr, and Nate Mooney to San Diego in order to give fans at Comic-Con a taste of the madness ahead. But in the process of making the show, Gould told SYFY WIRE that he has come to a realization about himself.

"I thought I was an actor until I met John," said Gould. "Then I realized I was a writer who acted... John builds these characters. He takes the text and he does the work and he creates a three-dimensional person."

Gould went on to credit both his father and McGinley for the hilarious things that Stan Miller says in his daily life and while fighting monsters. Baker also hinted that some very funny things are ahead for Stan's onscreen daughter, Denise. Apparently she spent many hours working on her singing voice, much to the annoyance of her neighbors. But that's not what she's most excited about.

"I get to kill again this season! That's also really big," related Baker. "Just wanted to get that out there. Singing and killing."

Gould mentioned that the episodes this season will feature homages to The Night Stalker and Godzilla, while bringing fans up to speed on where the new episodes will pick up. And he also dropped our favorite "dramatic look" of Comic-Con!

For more about Stan Against Evil Season 3, check out the video below.