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WATCH SDCC: Star Trek: Discovery cast tease Spock and Season 2

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Jul 21, 2018, 9:15 PM EDT

With the hotly anticipated second season of Star Trek: Discovery not slated to debut on CBS All Access until January 2019, we need all the news we can get to help tide us over until the series finally returns to our TV screens.

Thankfully, San Diego Comic-Con has proven to be a life-saver this weekend with the release of the first exciting trailer and the news that we'll get four short films in December, that Rebecca Romijn had joined the cast as the Enterprise's Number One, and that Spock will also appear.

Co-creator and executive producer Alex Kurtzman, executive producer Heather Kadin, stars Doug Jones, Mary Wiseman, Sonequa Martin-Green, Shazad Latif, Wilson Cruz, Anthony Rapp and Anson Mount took some time to chat with SYFY WIRE about what to expect for Season 2.

About Spock appearing on the show, Martin-Green said: "I can tell you that that's a huge deal, and we're going to be really digging into that relationship. We're digging into a lot of family dynamics in Season 2 and not in just that family; not just between Burnham and Spock and Sarek and Amanda, but also with the entire crew."

"The Spock that we will meet is ten years pre-TOS," Kurtzman told us. "So he's not formed in the same way that he's formed by the time we get to TOS. And what we will learn is that a lot of what made him the Spock he was and what will make him the Spock he is has to do with his family and his sister."

Latif added that the arrival of Spock will also add a "whole extra layer, especially for Burnham" who will have to go through this family exploration that will affect her other relationships. Cruz also teased that the half-Vulcan will come with some "mystery," and that we'll learn things about Spock "we didn't necessarily know before."

Spock's character background won't be the only one that will be explored. Star Trek fans will also get to know more about Pike when this one takes command of the USS Discovery in Season 2. "We're going to get to know this character more than we've ever gotten to know any iteration of the character," Mount said.

Check out our exclusive video for more about Star Trek: Discovery's second season, including how they plan to keep the show in canon and Burhnam's continuing path towards humanity.

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