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WATCH SDCC: Supernatural cast on saving Dean in Season 14

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Jul 23, 2018, 1:30 PM EDT

The Winchester Brothers are almost always in trouble on Supernatural, but the upcoming 14th season has once again separated the duo, at least initially. When last seen, Jensen Ackles' Dean Winchester was possessed by the Archangel known as Michael, and it's going to be one of the defining events of the new season.

"Everyone's priority is to get Michael out of Dean, and to vanquish Michael," said Misha Collins, when SYFY WIRE caught up with the cast and creative team at Comic-Con. "Everyone's really focused on that task at hand when we start the season. It's a slightly remarkable season for [Castiel] in that he's starting the season off in actually good health at near full powers."

"Sam has dealt with Dean being gone before," recalled executive producer Andrew Dabb. "Dean was kind of off with Crowley and soulless... but that was not a particularly malicious thing... Dean and Crowley went clubbing in Tijuana. That was their evil that they did. Michael... there are more insidious things going on there."

After spending so much time playing Dean on this series, Ackles seems to relish the opportunity to portray a different character wearing Dean's body.

"To step back into that same environment that permeates Dean and then play something totally different was a little challenging," admitted Ackles.

According to Dabb, the show may not be bringing Dean back in control of his own body for a while. And when Dean is back, Michael's actions will continue to resonate with him. Jared Padalecki also told us where Sam will be at the start of the season, but for more Supernatural scoops, watch the full video below!