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Aug 2, 2018, 12:54 PM EDT (Updated)

Cosplay is more than just wearing a costume at a comic convention. It's become both a wildly popular way for fans to express themselves and show off their design skills. Some of the best cosplayers take their act on the convention circuit with multiple costumes per year, and they even have fan followings of their own.

And at San Diego Comic-Con, the elite cosplayers are joined by more casual costume enthusiasts as well as talents who are clearly on the rise. 

During last month's con, SYFY WIRE's Katie Wilson went looking for the best cosplayers at the show in order to give them our coveted 'Paper Plate Awards.' Basically, it's just a paper plate with a custom message for each of the winners we came across. One of the most striking duos including a mid-transformation movie-inspired Mystique and a Rule 63 Magneto. We also found a cosplaying family who embraced their inner steampunks.

It takes a lot for these cosplayers to step out in their creations, as noted by the gentleman who came dressed as Gerudo's Fortress Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. According to this Link, the hardest part was finding the confidence to wear his costume in public. But he wasn't the only fan to throw himself into his creation. A few memorable characters from Overwatch also caught our eye, and so did a monster mash flashback from the '80s. Trust us, it's a scream!

For more cool costumes, make sure to watch the entire video!

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