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WATCH SDCC: The Flash cast on Barry and Iris' kid and other Season 5 previews

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Jul 24, 2018, 6:13 PM EDT (Updated)

The Season 4 finale of The Flash dropped a major bombshell on the team, and on Barry and Iris in particular. Not only would the newlyweds eventually become parents to a daughter, Nora, but that daughter was now fully grown and standing in Joe's living room.

Nora's relationship with her parents will be the focus of the upcoming fifth season, at least according to what we heard from the cast at San Diego Comic-Con. The time traveler has come to right a wrong but she'll be bringing plenty of family drama along with her.

This season also means they'll be hitting their 100th episode this year. Star Tom Cavanaugh will be stepping behind the camera for that one. And Danielle Panabaker will also put on her directing hat this year as she takes the reins for episode 18.

More Flash below.

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