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WATCH SDCC: Tom King on Batman's wedding, breaking the Bat, and Heroes in Crisis

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Jul 22, 2018, 5:37 PM EDT (Updated)

It's been a pretty unforgettable Comic-Con for Batman scribe Tom King. On Friday night, he was the co-winner (with Marjorie Liu) of the Eisner Award for best comic writer. However, King may also be the only comic creator who needs his own bodyguard at Comic-Con, thanks to some lingering death threats over Batman #50.

DC had built up the wedding of Batman and Catwoman for over a year, and fans weren't happy when the details leaked days early and the fact that the wedding didn't happen. When SYFY WIRE caught up with King during the show, he once again made it clear that the story is far from over.

"Issue 50 made a lot of people upset because I've been building this romance between these two characters for 50 issues,” said King. "It's Catwoman and Batman, and their romance is built on other creators building on it for 80 years. [The wedding] didn't happen, and it upset a lot of people. Unfortunately, that was my intention. Not to upset them, but my intention was to put you in Batman's head, so that when you read my comics, you feel like you're pulling on that cowl, you feel like you're seeing through his eyes... Batman thought he was getting married. Batman believed... he was going to finally find happiness and that was yanked away from him."

King also gave us a brief taste of what's coming up in the second half of his 100-issue Batman run.

"The next 50 issues are him finding out two things: Can he recover from that? And as he recovers, when he finds out who yanked it away from him, what's Batman gonna do?"

Additionally, King dropped some background info on Heroes in Crisis, his upcoming event miniseries with artist Clay Mann. For more details, watch the video below!