Batman Day Video

WATCH: Secrets of Batman at the DC Library with Jim Lee and friends!

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Sep 15, 2018, 12:07 PM EDT

For 80 years, fans all over the world have followed the adventures of Batman from comics to TV, films, video games, and beyond. In honor of this year’s Batman Day, SYFY WIRE was invited to visit DC Comics’ office in Burbank for a rare glimpse at some of the rarest Batman items in existence. Bruce Wayne may have his giant penny in the Batcave, but he doesn’t have these collectibles!

DC’s librarian and historian, Benjamin LeClear, took us inside the company vault to look at some of the earliest Batman comics. Some of these titles have been in DC’s collection for decades, although a few were picked up from other owners along the way. The vault also has copies of every single Batman title DC has ever published.

In addition to movie props like George Clooney’s Batman cowl, LeClear also showed us immaculately preserved Batman Power Records from the mid-'70s. Additionally, LeClear produced an original page of artwork from “Death in the Family,” which shows what would have happened if Robin had lived.

Batman editor Jamie Rich also allowed us into his office, where he told us about the number 1 Batman rule that any editor must follow. Batman’s importance to DC can’t be overstated, and Rich said his biggest challenge is to keep bringing in the A-list writers and artists to tell new stories with the iconic character.

Finally, DC co-publisher and artist Jim Lee also took the opportunity to share his thoughts on the Dark Knight before sharing his favorite Batman stories from the first 80 years.

For more Batman Day details from the DC office, check out the entire video!