Watch: Sex Criminals writer Matt Fraction on his inspirations for the book

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Sep 27, 2017, 7:30 PM EDT

There really isn’t anything on the comic book racks (or the bookshelves, or the big or small screens) quite like Sex Criminals. Created by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky in 2013, the Eisner Award winning series explores the sexual awakening of its two main characters in a way more honest, fun, and gut-bustingly hilarious than has been done in comic books before.

In the series, Suzie meets Jon, and they like each other. Then they have sex, and upon doing so, realize that they share the same oddly-specific superpower: time stops when they orgasm. Now, this ability obviously opens the doors to all sorts of misadventures and depravity, but the two decide to use it first to rob a bank, and their world only gets crazier from there.

Sex Criminals is a surprisingly compassionate and heartwarming book, despite what you might think from its double-entendre title and lurid subject matter, which has garnered the Image Comics title a sizable and loyal fan following. Writer and co-creator Matt Fraction—also known for ODY-C, Hawkeye, Invincible Iron Man, Casanova, and many others—recently sat down with SYFY Wire’s Mike Avila for a chat about his motivations behind the book, how his outlook has changed while writing it, and a few other risqué details that we’ll leave as surprises for the video. Check out the interview in the video below, and stay tuned for SYFY Wire for more from your favorite comic book creators.