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WATCH: Showrunners for Marvel's Runaways and Jeph Loeb talk Season 2

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Dec 20, 2018, 10:45 PM EST

Later this week, Marvel’s Runaways is returning to Hulu for a second season. While the first season of the series built up to the team turning on their supervillain parents, the second season is hitting the ground running. SYFY WIRE recently caught up with Runaways showrunners Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz so they could give us a taste of things to come in Season 2.

"The kids are learning a lot more about their powers, and they're mastering them," said Savage. "Which means they're using them more. And they're learning how to fight together, how to work together as a team. That whole aspect of the show is a lot bigger this year... a lot more scope, a lot more powers."

According to Schwartz, another important aspect of this season is the way that the kids adjust to life on the street after living in privilege for most of their lives.

"These kids grew up in Brentwood, accustomed to a life of privilege, and wealth, and comfort," noted Schwartz. "Now they’re living on the street trying to figure out ‘How do we even eat?’ But it was part of why we wanted to pick up the story right after we left off Season 1. Because we really wanted to be with the kids on this journey and see them struggle, and see how they try to learn to survive on the streets."

Additionally, Savage and Schwartz recalled how they were first drawn to the Runaways comic by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona. We also spoke with Marvel TV’s Jeph Loeb about the enduring appeal of the Runaways. And we couldn’t resist bringing up the identity of the traitor from the comics. However, the show may go in a different direction with that character.

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