WATCH: Slots' Dan Panosian takes the personal route to Vegas

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Oct 22, 2017, 11:22 AM EDT

Do you feel lucky? Luck is smiling down on Slots creator Dan Panosian. The new Skybound and Image Comics creator-owned series debuted in early October. Syfy's favorite Dany Roth went mano a mano with Panosian and talked about his new sell-out series at New York Comic Con.

"It's is not your typical crime noir," Panosian introduced. Slots is about a former boxer and now lovable drifter — Stanley Dance — who's going back to Vegas to turn his life around. "He's down on his luck, and Vegas is not a place where you want to be down on your luck, so he changes his plan. He's trying to change his life. He's a bad guy trying to be a good guy."

"I think Vegas is a place in an instant where you can change everything," Panosian expressed. "He was kinda exiled from Vegas, he's coming back to re-reclaim his life."

Slots is a very personal story Panosian is telling from experience and love for the sport. "I love boxing. I love Vegas. I love MMA, but I'm not a sports guy, " Paniosan confessed. "My dad was a pro boxer when I was growing up. This guy reminds me a little of my father. Slightly."

Panosian's first issue is jam-packed with detail, from the dusty Mojave Desert's vegetation and wildlife to the Las Vegas strip's glamour and lights.

The debut issue sold out at the distribution level, so it's going to a second issuing. Slots #2 will hit comic shops and digital retailers on November 8.


Additional reporting by Henry Barajas