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WATCH: Snap Judgment on who's the best Batman

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Apr 1, 2019, 9:30 PM EDT

Riddle me this, Gotham City: Who is THE Batman? Bruce Wayne’s face may be behind the cape and cowl, but he’s merely the iconic character celebrating his 80th anniversary. Instead, we’re looking to definitively state who is the greatest Batman performer of all time.

In this special Batman at 80 edition of Snap Judgment, SYFY WIRE’s Jackie Jennings, Dany Roth, and Angélique Roché are climbing up the walls to share their pick for the best Batman. Surprisingly, no one said Kevin Conroy, the iconic voice actor who portrayed the Dark Knight in Batman: The Animated Series. However, that doesn’t mean that Conroy’s show didn’t get some attention later in the video. And there is at least one voice actor who deserves the honor of best Batman, according to our hosts.

Looking to the future of the franchise in a post-Ben Affleck DC Extended Universe, each of our hosts was then invited to pick out the man who should be the next Batman. Although only two of their picks were men. The panel also stepped into the debate about Batman’s rogues gallery. It’s often been said that Batman has the very best villains in comics. But which villain stands a severed head above the rest?

Finally, our intrepid hosts tackled another burning question about the Caped Crusader: Which Batman era was the greatest? After all, there are eight decades to choose from. No one had the same response, but there were a few impassioned cases made. But if you want to watch these Bat-arguments then you’ll just have to watch the entire video ... “same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!”