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WATCH: Some of genre's greatest female antagonists are also its most miss-understood

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Aug 9, 2018, 11:40 AM EDT

Everyone loves a good antihero, but what about the villains that don't exactly fit the mustache-twirling mold?

For centuries, villains have been portrayed as mostly one-dimensional, but more recently creators are taking a greater interest in humanizing their antagonists. Upon closer examination, many of the villains we may have previously dismissed as being unjustifiably awful have revealed deeper motives that force us to sympathize with them and, in best-case scenarios, examine our own lives.

They always say that villains are the heroes of their own story; in the case of antiheroes like Poison Ivy, Callisto, Maleficent, and more, they may just be the heroes IN the story. Then there's some characters, like Bride of Frankenstein or Medusa, that really just never stood a chance.

So here's to some of the great female antagonists of genre. Check out the video below for some of the most miss-understood villains around, then let us know in the comments if we left anyone out!