Watch SpaceX pull off a Falcon 9 landing from the view of the rocket

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May 31, 2016

SpaceX has been pulling off some sweet landings of its Falcon 9 rocket in recent months, and now the private space firm has released footage from the most recent landing...from the perspective of the rocket. itself.

The footage is from the THAICOM 8 mission on May 27, and tracks the first-stage landing on a floating barge, which was the fourth time SpaceX has pulled one off (not bad, right?). The footage is sped up for the sake of time, but shows the fins and rocket booster kicking in for its return to Earth (after releasing its payload), then you see the rocket make a controlled burn to slow its descent and gently sit down on the barge.

It’s extremely cool to see a landing from this perspective, and really shows off the amount of effort and technical know-how it takes to bring a rocket from space and put it down on a barge that size. It’s like landing a needle on a speck of dust. In the ocean. Which is just awesome.

Check it out below and let us know what you think:


(Via The Verge)

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