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WATCH: Spawn creator Todd McFarlane's entire career in 2 minutes

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Mar 13, 2018, 11:48 AM EDT (Updated)

He drew the first full appearance of Venom at Marvel, loves baseball, and created Spawn at Image Comics. Yup, we're talking about Todd McFarlane, one of the most influential comic book creators of all time. And with his career being as huge as it was, we decided to challenge ourselves a bit and condense his entire life into a mere two minutes. That's right, 2 minutes.

For instance, did you know Mr. McFarlane is Canada or that he was rejected hundreds of times before he got his foot in the door? How about the fact that he founded one of the biggest comic book companies with the help of Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld and four others? Oh, you did? Well, did you know he started a line of toys, both licensed and original, in addition to starting his own film studio that helped with music videos for bands like Pearl Jam?

Everything important about McFarlane's career is encapsulated in our 2-minute bio hosted by Jackie Jennings. How much McFarlane trivia do you know? Watch the following video and see how many you already knew and how many were complete revelations.