Watch: Spider-Man PS4 launch trailer goes full throttle with nonstop web-slinging action

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Jun 18, 2020, 3:50 PM EDT (Updated)

“Leave the fighting to the pros,” Spidey advises a mind-blown Miles Morales in the opening seconds of Insomniac Games’ all-new PlayStation 4 launch trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man — and then he proceeds into a full minute of insane web-parkour footage that pretty much serves up a dizzying open-world clinic to show off just what he means. 

Sony and Insomniac released the new trailer today with just three weeks left before the wait finally ends for one of the year’s most hotly anticipated AAA games. Managing to throw in a small handful of familiar faces in its 60-second runtime (look out for Silver Sable and, of course, Aunt May), the clip is all about selling the near-seamless blend of in-engine gameplay and cinematic action. Check it out:

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Unlike the current MCU cycle’s still-green, youthfully endearing Peter Parker (played by Tom Holland), this is Spidey at his confident best: A superhero in full command of his powers who knows New York City like the back of his silk-spinning hand. The clip also highlights the three-dimensional nature of Spidey’s traversal abilities, with the action just as likely to unfold on the ground as scale up the sides of vertiginous skyscrapers. 

The trailer keeps on promising the goods that the game’s first few hours already appear to have delivered on (and then some) for industry critics, who gushed pretty profusely about Spidey’s new adventure when they finally got their hands on the opening portion of the game last week. 

Insomniac is pledging Spider-Man will take players through the “most expansive and interactive world” Peter Parker’s ever been handed in a video game, swinging through a diversity of locales that range from “vibrant neighborhoods” to  soaring, “breathtaking views of iconic Marvel and Manhattan landmarks.” 

Spidey fans’s senses are already tingling, and the appearance of this new launch trailer is one of the last development milestones that signals the wait’s almost over. Spider-Man arrives exclusively for PlayStation 4 starting Sept 7.

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