WATCH: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: What if Kai Opaka had returned?

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Sep 20, 2017

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine started its first season (best Trek pilot ever) with Benjamin Sisko being put on the path of the prophets as their emmissary ... thanks, in large part, to then Bajoran spritual leader, Kai Opaka.

But before the first season was even halfway through, Kai Opaka got stuck on a planet of eternal war because of some treknobabble or other, and I spent the remaining six and change seasons hoping she'd come back.

And she never really did.

Fast forward to 2017. It's Star Trek Las Vegas, where fact is always stranger than fiction. I'm talking to Daniel Davis (who played Moriarty on TNG) when I hear someone yell at me for blocking their table.

Lo and behold, it's Camille Saviola, aka Kai Opaka. So I (and I promise this is both embarrassing and true) blurt out, "Hey, they should've brought back Kai Opaka in the seventh season, why didn't that happen?"

And then an interview happened about that very topic. Go figure. Sometimes being a huge nerd actually works in your favor.

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