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WATCH: Star Trek: The Next Generation and the Fifty Shades of Troi

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Aug 31, 2018, 1:30 PM EDT (Updated)

Hey. You know that Deanna Troi? Counselor for the NCC-1701-D Enterprise? You remember her? Curly hair? Loves chocolate sundaes? Does space yoga with Beverly sometimes?

She's not always written very well, is she? Especially when it comes to love.

I know I'm not making any bold revelations here: if you've seen a Troi episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation you know that, when she's not arguing with her mom, she tends to wind up with really creepy dudes who don't respect boundaries.

But here's a thought I had: removing the notion that the men writing for TNG simply didn't know how to write a sexually active, mature, adult woman (which is probably true), it's kind of interesting to imagine Troi as a sort of accidental E.L. James-style protagonist.

Is there evidence to suggest that Troi is just into aloof, emotionally remote, kind of kinky levels of dominant men? And does that carry throughout the series, or does she evolve over time?

These are Fifty Shades of Troi.

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