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WATCH: Star Trek: The Next Generation and the weird romances of Will Riker

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Jun 13, 2018, 12:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Riker. William T. Commander and First Officer of the NCC-1701-D Enterprise, and secret star of Star Trek: The Next Generation. He's a man of many accomplishments, he basically bulldozes chairs with his giant man legs, and he makes really bad eggs unless your name is Worf.

More than anything, though, Riker gets around. Whether it's ship's counselors, holograms, genderless aliens, or even secret assassins, Riker's only prerequisite is consent. Say what you will, but at least Riker is always very clear about whether it's cool to get down.

And that's why it's safe to make fun of Riker, because, other than the one thing he does get right, everything else he does is hilariously troublesome.

These are the weird romances of Will Riker.

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