WATCH: Star Wars comic artist Katie Cook sketches Rey and BB-8

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Sep 29, 2017, 4:40 PM EDT (Updated)

One of the most admirable artistic aptitudes one can wield in life is the ability to draw well.

The comic book industry is home to some of the finest illustrators and artists in the world and it's always a pleasure to spotlight one of these talented folks by watching them draw their favorite characters. It reminds us all that a single comic represents an enormous personal investment of time, imagination, dedication, and love.

SYFY WIRE sidled up next to Star Wars superfan and kids artist Katie Cook (Star Wars ABC-3PO, My Little Pony) to observe her fine pencilwork in rendering the lovable BB-8 and future Jedi, Rey. Cook has been plying her comic art trade for over ten years and has worked for such prestige companies as Disney, Marvel, and The Jim Henson Company on HBO's Fraggle Rock.

Check out this heartwarming live mini-sketch session and tell us if it brings out the geeky kid in your heart.

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