Watch Stephen Colbert's passionate defense of that new lightsaber

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Dec 2, 2014, 5:44 PM EST

Stephen Colbert has some ultra-nerdy thoughts on the new lightsaber in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

As soon as the first trailer for the first Star Wars film of the Disney era hit last Friday, the Internet had a lot to talk about. Who was that mysterious voice (mystery solved)? Where are those X-wings heading? What's with that new rolling droid? And, of course, is the new lightsaber design showcased by what looks to be one of the film's villains a good idea or an over-the-top impracticality?

For many fans, the lightsaber was a cool new twist on a classic weapon, and a way to distinguish the Dark Side of The Force Awakens from all the red-lightsabered Sith lords who've come before. For others, though, it was a garish new take on a weapon that didn't need any new finesse, as well as a quick way to getting a thumb hacked off. In true Star Wars fashion, the lightsaber debate is still raging on, and last night Comedy Central host and supernerd Stephen Colbert thought it was time to lend his voice to the issue.

Colbert's flights of nerd fancy on his show The Colbert Report have become almost as famous as the exaggerated character he plays while hosting the series, particularly due to his seemingly infinite knowledge of all things Middle-earth. Colbert's also a Star Wars fan, though, and on last night's show -- after telling a jealousy-inducing story about how he got to see the original Star Wars at a special sneak preview two weeks before it opened back in 1977 -- he came to the defense of that new lightsaber and its crossguard design. 

Specifically, Colbert responds to fan claims that the crossguard doesn't work because another lightsaber can just slice through the crossguard and hit your hand. His response? That's not true, because those three beams are really all one, fragmented into three directions.

"The metal hilts are just casings around the little beams to protect your hand," Colbert said. "Even if someone slices through the metal they're gonna hit the beam right there. Any Padawan knows that! That's science."

Check out Colbert's full defense of the weapon, complete with a handy diagram, in the video below. 


What do you think? Is he right?

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