Watch the stunning cinematic intro for 2K Games' new sci-fi shooter, Evolve

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Jan 9, 2015, 5:48 PM EST

As a teenage addict of videogame arcades in the early '80s, it's simply astonishing to see the level of superb graphics engines operating at full throttle in today's newest generation of adrenalized console games.  Witness the wide-eyed wonder of this intro for 2K Games' upcoming sci-fi extravaganza, Evolve.  Dropped into a dangerous alien killzone, a team of hunters mount a furious attack on a constantly evolving, fire-spewing monster.  Armed with a wicked arsenal of electro-plasma cannons, the heroic hunters seem insanely outmatched. Gamers can play as one of four different soldiers or switch sides and evade the slaughter as the monster.  Evolve is the product of Turtle Rock Studios, designers of Left 4 Dead, and promises to be one of the moset watched games of the new year.  Take a look and tell us if you're amped for the off-world assault ...

Evolve enters our crosshairs on Feb. 10, 2015.