Watch this supercut of Game of Thrones theme covers courtesy of The Wil Wheaton Project

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Jun 18, 2014, 12:31 PM EDT (Updated)

When Game of Thrones premiered way back in 2011, there were many things about it that grabbed people's attention -- the harsh, unforgiving fantasy setting, the ice zombies, the epic stakes and, of course, the stellar performances from the likes of Peter Dinklage (OK, it was mostly Peter Dinklage). But one of Thrones' most compelling elements was the first thing any of us saw: Its opening credits sequence, backed by a stirring theme from composer Ramin Djawadi. In an age when iconic theme songs are in short supply, Djawadi's piece stuck out like a blond-haired Lannister in a field of dark-haired Baratheons, and helped move a portion of a show we'd normally skip into must-view territory.

It's also inspired its share of covers, ranging from marching bands to harpists to intricately arranged a cappella renderings. The Wil Wheaton Project thought it might be cool to combine some of these homespun versions into one video, and thus we have this soul-stirring supercut featuring some of the coolest Thrones theme covers around. Check it out below:

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