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Watch a supercut of more than 35 superheroes introducing themselves

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Aug 14, 2013, 12:14 PM EDT

Sometimes the most satisfying moment in the film is when the hero says his or her own super-name.

With that, and the looming release of Kick-Ass 2, in mind, the good folks at Screen Junkies pulled clips from three dozen superhero movies, all featuring heroes introducing themselves, whether by their real name or their superhero name, and crammed them into one epic superhero supercut. We get all four big-screen incarnations of Batman, we get Iron Man, we get Hulk, we get the Crimson Bolt from James Gunn's Super, we get the Rocketeer, we get both big-screen versions of Spider-Man, we get Wolverine, we get Darkman, we get Howard the Duck. We even get Orgazmo and the Waffler.

Sure, it's a bit less impressive when the heroes in question only say their real names, and yes, the bit where Brandon Routh "introduces himself" as Superman is a bit forced, but it's still a fun compilation of quite a few excellent superhero movie moments, and it's bound to give you some fond memories of watching these flicks.

Check out the supercut above.

(Via Comic Book Movie)