Watch the surreal and wacky fun of Son of Zorn in the SDCC trailer

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Jul 23, 2016, 6:30 PM EDT

In Son of Zorn, the upcoming Fox show, Zorn is a hero who’s come home from the wars to his family. Only Zorn is a warrior cartoon hero in the mold of He-Man, and his family are flesh-and-blood, real-world people. We have the San Diego Comic-Con trailer for this unusual comedy, below, and it looks like a laugh a minute.

Unconvinced? Son of Zorn is brought to you by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who gave us The LEGO Movie, with its gentle humor and its tiny, surly Batman. 

But the humor here is far less, um, delicate. When he calls for a waitress, the Son of Zorn shouts, “Food whore!”

According to a press release found on Collider, Zorn is is from an animated world, but he had married and divorced a live-action woman. He returns to California to win her back, as well as to become a presence in the life of their son. But will he learn to fit in?

Probably not. But at least we’ll be able to laugh at Zorn’s pain. Check it out.

Son of Zorn is coming to television on September 25, 2016.

Via Collider.