SYFY WIRE Week In Review: Oct 8 -12

WATCH: SYFY WIRE Blast looks back at New York Comic Con

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Oct 14, 2018, 4:02 PM EDT

New York Comic Con was full of excitement, from the trailer reveals to the amazing interviews. In the latest SYFY WIRE Blast weekend edition, we look back at the convention to highlight some of our favorite parts and what still has us talking.

This weekend Jackie Jennings is joined by SYFY WIRE contributing editor Karama Horne to discuss the memorable parts of their convention experiences. Multiple moments from the SYFY WIRE Live Stage stood out, including a visit from Zachary Levi to discuss Shazam! and Common stopping by to talk about his new web comic Caster. Not to mention Daredevil’s Wilson Bethel confirming he was playing Bullseye in the upcoming season of the Marvel show.

The number of trailers that dropped was also impressive. The Hellboy trailer didn’t make it past the doors of the trailer room, and neither did the first 25 minutes of footage from Mortal Engines, but at least a new trailer did.

That’s not all there was to love. Jackie was able to check out some of the stunning merchandise on sale and stop by Artist Alley, a favorite spot for Karama too. Karama also took a look at some of the DC Comics gold foil variants exclusive to the convention.

With so much happening at New York Comic Con, can you choose a favotire part? Tell us in the comments!

Additional reporting by Lisa Granshaw.