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WATCH: Take a look back at some of Superman’s most bizarre hookups

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Apr 28, 2018, 1:02 PM EDT (Updated)

Lois Lane, Lana Lang, and Wonder Woman aren’t the only ladies Superman was involved with over the course of his long, 80-year history. In fact, the Man of Steel has had his share of bizarre hookups over those eight decades.

As such, SYFY WIRE is taking a look back at some of Superman’s most questionable “liaisons,” which were often caused by bouts of amnesia, some form of brainwashing, and/or mind control.

One of those questionable hookups included that time when he made out with Mister Miracle’s wife, Big Barda, on the set of a porno. Yep. You read that right. There was also a story where Superman lived a fantasy life on Krypton where he was married to Lyla Lerrol, with whom he had a young son because of an alien symbiote attached to his chest.

While suffering a bout of amnesia in a 1991 story where he was stranded on an island inhabited by a native tribe, Superman was tricked into marrying the chief’s daughter, Lola-La. During Greg Pak’s run on Batman/Superman, both the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight suffered a shared case of amnesia where Batman was drawn to Lois Lane, and Catwoman used her sexuality to control Supes.

But the comic books weren’t the only place where Superman’s amnesia led to some random hookups, no siree. The same thing happened in Superman: The Animated Series, thanks to Darkseid.

Check out our exclusive video to learn more about Superman’s random hookups, and let us know if we missed some in the comments below.

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