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WATCH: Take a tour of New York Comic Con 2018 ... in 360 degrees!

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Oct 6, 2018

Here we go again! Another con, another tour of the floor (and beyond) … and in glorious 360 degrees.

For your NYCC 2018 pleasure, SYFY WIRE's Dany Roth takes you on a strange and surreal journey featuring a meeting with Santa Claus, diving into a pool of Bananyas (if you don't know what those are, you will soon), dancing with a couple of pumpkin people, and being assigned to get pictures of Spider-Man (but WHICH Spider-Man?) by J. Jonah Jameson himself.

Also, to further enhance the experience, Dany describes all of the many smells as well. It's an important — and memorable — part of any con.

As this video is in 360 degrees, it's best viewed in a headset. And enjoy some choice pics in the gallery below!

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