Watch: Take a visit to Helga Pataki's shine

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:30 AM EDT (Updated)

Hey, Football Head! The Nickelodeon series, Hey Arnold!, may have gone off the air back in 2004, but the show's main romance lives on. I speak, of course, of the love of one Helga Pataki for her archnemesis, the oddly shaped Arnold. Helga may have hated Arnold in public, but in private, she fantasized about their future together while building a shrine of photos and bubble gum.

In an effort to promote the upcoming Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie, SYFY WIRE got the chance to visit the Pataki house at San Diego Comic-Con and see how Helga's collection of Arnold memorabilia has been growing these last 13 years or so. We even got a tour from the woman herself.

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