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Watch a tantalizing Babylon 5 sneak peek from 1993

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Aug 22, 2013

Twenty years ago, something called the SCI FI Channel (crazy, right?) ran a preview for a little show named Babylon 5

It's always fun to dig into the archives and see how TV shows, books and movies that went on to become hugely popular were originally promoted.

Back in the day, Babylon 5 spent a lot of time heralding itself as the anti-Trek. It would be less about a pristinely perfect Federation of Planets and focus instead on the real difficulty of interspecies diplomatic relations. 

I love Babylon 5 very much, but it's kind of hilarious that Deep Space Nine came out at almost exactly the same time. It's also slightly cringe-worthy when Straczynski rags on practical effects in favor of some incredibly dated-looking CGI. B5 proper absolutely holds up, but, looking back, we'll take models over early '90s CGI any day.

Still, it's a fun little time capsule getting to see how it all began. Plus, Straczynki's shop-teacher glasses and that '80s dad 'stache? Absolutely incredible. Why that look didn't make it into Babylon 5 proper, we'll never understand.

(via Reddit)

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