Watch Terry Pratchett pitch ideas for his new Discworld TV series

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Jul 4, 2015, 5:57 PM EDT

Remember those rumors from a few months ago that said Disney might be making a Discworld movie? Bad news: It's not happening. News so wonderful it makes us squee: Discworld will be coming to television ... as a police procedural.

If you read Discworld, you know that some of Sir Terry Pratchett's most colorful characters are the city watch (aka policemen) of Ankh-Morpork. SFX says the television show, which has been tentatively named The Watch, would revolve around them. Characters would likely include the newly sober Capt. Sam Vimes, the lazy Sgt. Fred Colon and the casting director's nightmare, Cpl. Nobby Nobbs.

Because The Watch is currently in the planning stages, another police procedural, Ron Moore's 17th Precinct, will be first out of the gate. But The Watch has something 17th Precinct will never have: Sir Terry himself.

The lucky SOBs at SFX recorded a brainstorming session with Pratchett, producer Rod Brown, production designer Ricky Eyres and scriptwriter Gavin Scott (on speakerphone).

Listen in on what Pratchett has to say about potential storylines—as well as going beyond fan expectation.

For more Discworld-related policework, you can play the sadly outdated yet still tremendously fun 1999 videogame "Discworld Noir."