Watch Tesla's Autopilot AI stop this car before a crash even happens

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Dec 28, 2016, 12:45 PM EST

Driverless cars are the future, though we still have some work to do on the technology and infrastructure before we get there. But, if you want some proof for how robots can save lives, this should do it. 

Gizmodo reports this crash from just a couple of days ago in the Netherlands, where Tesla’s Autopilot AI system literally started braking and warning of a crash ahead — before it actually happened. The system also applied the brake to keep the Tesla safely clear of the collision up ahead. Thankfully, no one was reportedly killed in the crash.

Elon Musk has been outfitting his Tesla vehicles with some wildly high-tech radar detection systems and visual sensors designed to survey the road ahead and around the vehicle the past few years, and working to refine and advance the AI that powers it all. Now it can see stuff the driver can’t even see. The system basically works by pinging a radar ahead to see what’s happening, which is how the Autopilot system was able to deduce the wreck was about to occur (it could see further ahead than the driver, and the radar pinged that all hell was about to break loose based on how the vehicles ahead were moving and where they were located). 

These systems are obviously not perfect, but if you need a case study for how this technology can absolutely save lives, it’s hard to beat this. Check out a video of the crash below, where you can clearly hear the Autopilot system warn the driver before the crash occurs:

(Via Gizmodo)