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WATCH: Thanos creator Jim Starlin on his split with Marvel Comics

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Feb 26, 2018, 2:13 PM EST (Updated)

Back in December, fans were left utterly stunned when Jim Starlin — the man who co-created the Mad Titan Thanos with writer Mike Friedrich for the pages of Iron Man #55 in 1973 — broke his decades-long relationship with Marvel Comics.

At the time, Starlin took to his Facebook page to explain that he would no longer be doing any work for Marvel Editorial. The comic book writer and artist explained that the reason for the split had to do with executive editor Tom Brevoort approving a plot for the ongoing Thanos comic series (which may have been canceled) that was strikingly similar to the graphic novel trilogy he had been working on with Alan Davis.

As you can see in the video above, SYFY WIRE’s Mike Avila spoke to Starlin about the split, and whether there is a chance his relationship with Marvel Comics could be mended down the road.

“No, I think we’re done here now,” said Starlin. “You know, it was their right and their decision to get other people to write all the books that are coming out when the movie did. I mean, it’s their character. What I took exception to was I accidentally found out what the plot was to the Thanos ongoing that was going to appear before the graphic novels that Alan Davis and I were working on that an editor of that book started—on his own volition—telling me what the plot was, and I went, ‘Well that’s the exact same plot that we have for the Thanos story arc and the graphic novels.’

"And so I checked to see if he had gotten it approved through the editorial system, he said he had, so I started complaining," said Starlin. "They had only started working on it two weeks before so there was plenty of time to fix it just by saying, ‘Well, this character is this instead of that.’ Instead they puttered around for a month, procrastinating, at first denying that it was anything like it. I’m not going to ruin either my or Donny Cates’ story by telling you all the similarities, but, basically the ending, was quite strikingly the same. And they never did anything, they never lifted a finger to correct it.”

Starlin also revealed in the interview above whether or not the graphic novel is still in the works, despite what went down, and touched upon his association with Disney and Marvel Entertainment. So check it out, then let us know what you think in the comments.

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