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WATCH: The best cosplay of New York Comic Con 2018

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Oct 9, 2018, 5:50 PM EDT (Updated)

The 2018 edition of New York Comic Con has now come to a close. But the videos live on! And in this one, we captured one of the best things about the geeky celebration: the awesome cosplay (along with all the exciting panels, fun interviews, and mind-blowing trailers, of course).

Whitney Moore was on hand to give out SYFY WIRE’s paper plate awards to the cream of the crop at the four-day celebration. But, as always, we had a hard time deciding who should win the prestigious prizes, since so many cosplayers came out in droves rocking some totally amazing costumes, including X-Men’s PsylockeNaruto’s Sasuke Uchiha, Steven Universe’s Bob and Yellow Diamond, Gotham City’s very own Batwoman, Glow’s Zoya the Destroyer, and Star Wars’ Kylo Ren.

We even saw a super-cool version of Mr. Freeze, and a killer escapee from The Purge. To be honest, we had a hard time choosing who was most plate-worthy. But choose we did.

Check out our exclusive video for a look at some of NYCC 2018’s most amazing cosplayers. And when you’re done, don’t forget to chime in about your winners in the comments below.

Additional material by Nathalie Caron.

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