Watch: The cast of Midnight, Texas on bringing the book series to the small screen

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Apr 4, 2017

We caught up with the crew behind the new supernatural drama Midnight, Texas to talk about what fans can expect from the adaptation — and the challenges of figuring out what to keep along the way. The story is about the sanctuary town of Midnight, Texas, where outsiders of all kinds, human and supernatural, are welcome.

The main character, Manfred Bernardo, is a nomadic psychic who can communicate with spirits and finds refuge in the small Texas town. It is based on the novel series written by Charlane Harris, who also wrote the True Blood novels. As Manfred must acclimate to the strange town, its citizens quickly learns to embrace its newest stranger. On top of dealing with character histories and outside pressures, there will be a larger central mystery that will unfold. 

We chatted with showrunner Monica Breen and stars Francois Arnaud, Arielle Kebbel, Jason Lewis, Dylan Bruce and Sarah Ramos about the upcoming NBC series at WonderCon. As the plot of the series does depart from the story from the books, the cast limited their exposure to the books so they wouldn’t go down a rabbit hole with a story that might play out differently. They also talk about finding the balance in bringing something of themselves to these characters while still honoring what was established in the "essence" of who they are in the book series.

Breen touched on the richness of the story and finding a way to bring it to live action. She said the goal was to keep the spirit of the story while pinpointing ways to flesh out elements that still remain true to the spirit of what Harris conceived.

Check out the interviews below.

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