Watch the cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens get schooled by a 7-year-old

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Nov 20, 2019, 6:51 PM EST (Updated)

As we hit the home stretch on the way to Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ opening next month, the cast has decided to take on a 7-year-old fan in franchise trivia. Spoiler alert: It does not go well.

As part of a segment on a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Force Awakens cast members John Boyega, Adam Driver, Carrie Fisher and Daisy Ridley took on seven-year-old super-fan  Arden Hayes. They even brought director J.J. Abrams along to judge the proceedings. The cast members might be bringing the franchise back to life, and we’d imagine they’ve certainly seen the movies, but apparently the finer details didn’t stick with them all too well.

For a seven-year-old, it’s obvious this kid knows his stuff. Heck, one or two of these questions even had us stumped. Some of the highlights include: Where did Uncle Owen tell Luke to take the droids to have their memories wiped, and in what detention block was Princess Leia being held? Do you know the answers?

Check out the segment below and let us know what you think:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens December 18.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)