Watch: The cast of The Defenders talk about the upcoming Netflix show

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:16 AM EDT (Updated)

The cast of the upcoming Netflix series The Defenders -- composed of the cast of four other Netflix shows: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist -- is at San Diego Comic-Con, and sadly, we are not. But we can at least see what the cast is up to. We talk with Sigourney Weaver, Krysten Ritter, Charlie Cox, and writer/producer Jeph Loeb about Marvel's other heroes — the ones who don't have Tony Stark's budget.

Weaver, who plays the show's villain Alexandra, said she wasn't interested in playing a typical "ice queen." Instead, she wanted Alexandra to be someone who she could believe, a character with "priorities and things she loved, good things about her — maybe things you didn't think were great," she said. "To me she's a very real person within this rather fantastic universe."

Cox's character, on the other hand, is experiencing as many lows as highs. Although his Daredevil character Matt Murdoch is doing well in court, his superhero persona Daredevil has suffered some crushing defeats. That brings us to The Defenders: "The situation arises whereby he has to start thinking about revisiting his alter ego."

Producer Jeph Loeb teases what he considers a great moment in the upcoming show: a fight scene. He recognizes that these Marvel characters are famous for "hallway fights," so the show takes that idea and runs with it. Through a wall.

As for Ritter, she talks about Jessica Jones' drinking habit. Actually, she defends it. She's amusing as heck, so we'll let her tell it herself. Check it out.