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Watch the cinematic trailer for this Chappie-esque VR game Stormland for Oculus Rift

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Jun 12, 2018, 8:49 PM EDT (Updated)

Insomniac Games have been cooking up something very special as part of their partnership with Oculus for their next VR game – and judging by the stunning cinematic teaser, it looks set to be their most ambitious project to date.

Stormland – an Oculus Rift exclusive – puts the gamer into a body of a broken android, to explore a remote alien planet either solo or with your friends. Once you’ve picked yourself up and started to repair your damaged parts, you’re tasked with journeying through an ever-changing cloudscape, augmenting yourself to become a heroic fighter, save your friends, and reclaim your world.

Hmm, sound familiar? We’re certainly getting some strong Chappie vibes already from the story and the visuals, particularly with the idea of the droid slowly re-booting itself. There's also a whiff of WALL-E too, in that the bot had originally been in charge of keeping its planet clean and tidy. 

But what's really exciting is the "complete freedom" players get to explore this alien world. The game promises to stray from the usual formulaic video game path, where your destiny is controlled for you, and instead encourages you to take matters into your own hands and use your own creativity.

As well as making your way through the expansive environment (including gliding across chasms and flying through the slipstream at near-terminal velocity) you have the chance to assemble your own army of androids to defeat an incoming threat, and build your own weapons from materials you'll find lying around. In short, it's a bit like being in your own Neill Blomkamp movie. 

The game, which you can find out more about here, will be available in 2019.

Are you excited to enter the world of Stormland? Let us know in the comments below.

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