Watch: The crazy history of Harley Quinn in 2 minutes

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

Let's face it: the world is crazy in love with Harley Quinn. Having just celebrated her 25th anniversary, Harley is on top of the world. She's got three live action movies reportedly in development, just had her own animated feature film with Batman released, stars in multiple comic book series, and was the undisputed cosplay queen of 2016 (when you have a WWE Superstar dressing as you, you know you've made it, puddin'!).

So now's the perfect time to look back at Harley Quinn and the way she came to be. She's a unique character in that she didn't come from the pages of DC Comics but from animation first (following in the grand tradition of characters like Lois Lane, who was first created for a Radio Play, or Batgirl, who was co-created for TV and comics simultaneously). She also took on a life of her own, going from being a one-off sidekick to being a true franchise leader.

In the video below, we look at the way Harley Quinn came to conquer the world, from her humble beginnings on Batman: The Animated Series to her modern-day revelry.

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