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Watch the first 3 minutes of Fear the Walking Dead's Season 4 premiere

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Apr 13, 2018, 1:33 PM EDT

Fear the Walking Dead returns for its fourth season this Sunday, but you don't have to wait until then to get your post-apocalyptic fix. AMC has released the first three minutes of the debut episode online and its basically a one-man, one-act show by Garret Dillahunt's John Dorie, a character who will appear for the first time this season. 

Parked in the middle of a field, Dorie hears something move in the dark woods in front of him. Having not used his voice in over a year, he croakily asks if it's a human or "one of the passed," keeping the show's tradition of not blatantly using the word "zombie." As each moment passes, it's clear that Dorie is desparate, starved even, for some sort of human interaction, inviting someone who isn't there to join him for a chat and some popcorn. The whole thing has the intoxicating aroma of The Twilight Zone, particularly when Rod Serling's characters would have some sort of mental break from reality and begin talking to themselves. 

Dillahunt's soliloquy ends when he mentions a woman he once loved, but we've got no clue who she is and whether or not she's still alive. Watch the clip below:

Not much is known about Dorie at this point, but co-showrunner Ian Goldberg described him to Entertainment Weekly as "A man of fascinating contradictions. He loves people but has spent a great deal of time on his own. He’s a gentle soul — an innocent in many ways — but is no stranger to violence. He can be soft-spoken and disarmingly funny all at once.”

Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead airs this Sunday at 10/9c, immediately after the Walking Dead Season 8 finale titled "Wrath." The first new episode of Fear is called "What's Your Story?" and will feature the crossover of Morgan (Lennie James) onto the show. AMC already released two clips of the character making his way onto the preqel series, which you can watch here.

Dillahunt is known for his previous roles in No Country for Old MenTerminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesDeadwood, and The Gifted

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