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WATCH: The First Purge cast: The horror comes from the reality

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Jun 30, 2018, 10:55 AM EDT

Imagine that for one night, there is no crime. But wait. The reason that there is no crime is that whatever was illegal has been temporarily legalized—including murder.

The First Purge stars Y’Lan Noel and Lex Scott Davis agree that what really turns up the adrenaline in the prequel to the Purge trilogy is that no one in the isolated test community really knows what is supposed to happen, since the bloody holiday has no precedent. It only seems like a wild party with no limits until bodies start littering the asphalt.

“What sets this movie apart is the fact that it’s the beginning,” said Noel, who plays William, a Staten Islander fighting for his life, in an exclusive interview with SYFY WIRE. “It appeals to all the curiosity all the Purge fans have had.”

If you were wondering whose deranged mind Purge Day came from after the first film (which probably had you looking over your shoulder for at least a week), Noel teased that answers are revealed in this one. The NFFA would never want you to know otherwise.

Lex Scott Davis added that this film feels different from all the previous slaughter because you really get up close and personal with the characters apart from the lawless and gore-spattered world around them. She also observed that while the dystopian chaos of the Purge franchise hasn’t erupted in the real world, it eerily reflects atrocities that have had an actual body count.

“The essence of it feeling close to home is what is the element of horror in this one,” Davis said, noting that scenes such as the church raid and massacre don’t just happen on screen. She believes that exposing the true terror of such events is a powerful social commentary that can start serious conversations that are anything but fiction.

Noel also noted that in such a situation where you could end up being the next corpse, primal instincts kick in.

“You can be the one to fight or you can be the one to fly,” he said.

Watch the video and prepare to get chills.