Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures
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Watch the first six 'Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures' short films right now

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Mar 25, 2019, 4:03 PM EDT (Updated)

Earlier this week, we learned about Lucasfilm's latest initiative aimed at enteraining young Star Wars fans, including a new website and a new YouTube channel. Now that YouTube channel has come to life with six new short films recreating classic Star Wars moments for a new generation.

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures is a series of animated shorts designed to reimagine and add new details and life to scenes longtime Star Wars fans know and love. Specifically tailored to kids, the shorts blend vibrant animation with classic sounds and dialogue from the original Star Wars films, for a mix of old and new that proves dazzling for fans of all ages. 

The shorts begin with a look at Luke Skywalker's life on Tatooine, then take us to Darth Vader's menacing adventures. Luke and Vader get two one-minute shorts each, while the remaining two are devoted to the adventures of R2-D2 and Chewbacca. You can check them all out below.

This is clearly just the beginning, and the Star Wars Kids channel has already started adding features like "Fun Facts" videos focused on specific characters. So, if you have a young fan in your life and you want to immerse them in a galaxy far, far away, now's the time to get into it.