Watch: The history of Iron Fist in 2 minutes

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Lucas Siegel
Aug 15, 2017

With a name like the "Immortal Iron Fist," you'd think his history would be impossible to ever summarize. But with Danny Rand, the Iron Fist, joining up with the other ground-level heroes of New York in Marvel's The Defenders on Netflix, we wanted to try anyway.

While your mileage may vary on Iron Fist's portrayal in the Netflix/Marvel world of properties so far, Danny Rand has a rich history, from the Kung Fu movie explosion to teaming up with another hero for hire and finally going back to his roots as a martial arts master. He's also one heck of a team player, teaming with other Avengers, Defenders, Heroes for Hire, and even other immortal weapons.

In the video below, SYFY WIRE will tell you everything you need to know about Iron Fist in just two minutes. Think of it as the perfect kick-in-the-head appetizer before The Defenders premieres worldwide on August 18 on Netflix.

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