Watch the Joker and Batman team up in disturbing underwear ad

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Dec 16, 2012

There have been all kinds of team-ups in the DC Universe: Sometimes a hero'll encounter a villain they just can't handle alone. We wouldn't have thought, however, that "covering your nethers" was the cause to make the Joker join the Justice League.

And yet that's exactly what this commercial for Diesel's new Underoos-for-grownups boxer-briefs would have you believe.

We're going to assume that whoever cobbled together this spot knew the ridiculousness of the whole endeavor. Otherwise, there's no accounting for the presence of phrases like "heroes will rise," "get ready to show them what you've got" and "welcome to the world beneath."

Listen, if you get these as a Christmas gift, I think it might be time for a long, hard examination of your relationship with the gift giver.

(via Robot 6)

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